Simple Install

We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring all the technical groundwork is complete long before your project is put into production. This innovative plug and play system guarantees installation is quick and trouble-free. RLS proves it is simple to install effective, high-quality lighting in areas that traditionally have been poorly lit. See RLS install Video 2017 from an actual install.


Customizable and Adaptable

RLS offers flexibility to customers, designers and installers. We offer a wide range of products to fit just about any project or application that you envision. Factory modified modules are available for your specialized projects.

Contemporary Concept

RLS presents the opportunity to introduce a modern flare to your design goals. LED lights are naturally directionally focused lighting technology and does not rely on reflectors. What separates RLS is its ability to offer the flexibility of control and automation, which gives our customer the freedom to accent, highlight or feature any project.


Green Technology: LEDs are not made from hazardous materials such as toxic mercury and are safe to handle. They are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances and using them helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Low Operating Costs: RLS requires just a portion of the power consumption to run as compared to traditional lights thus lowering your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cool Running/Operating Temperature: RLS technology provides an effective heat management system which eliminates the requirement for a HVAC system. Less heat is generated, so, less cooling is required.

Simple and Manageable Maintenance: RLS is designed with reliability in mind with a target of zero maintenance. Access and relocation of the system is as easy as the initial install.